fiberglass molded grating

  • Fiberglass Frp Grp Molded Grating

    Advantages 1. Light weight:its specific gravity is about 1.8,its weight is only 1/4 of the steel,the aluminum 2/3; 2. High strength: its strength is ten times rigid PVC and absolute strength much higher than aluminum,reached the level of ordinary steel; 3. Anti-Corrosion:it stainless steel,no mold,no rot,no paint,the ability of a lot of gas,corrosive liquid medium; 4. Good overall economic efficiency: compared with ordinary carbon steel,FRP grating low overall costs, although its one-time investment is higher than ordinary steel, because of its long life,generally use two years, and no maintenance,so its economic benefits vastly superior carbon steel; 5. Easy installation: use of FRP grid so that component weight greatly reduced,thus reducing the weight of the supporting structure,without the use of lifting equipment installation,both saving and convenient; 6. Security: not produced due to collisions during installation and use in spark FRP grating;particularly suitable for use in explosive environments,in addition,with non-slip surface grid prevents slipping,reduce accidents.

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