Hot sales FRP square tube fiberglass cross arm


FRP square tube fiberglass cross arm


FRP cross arm is a new type of  fiberglass based power equipment, which is impregnated with epoxy resin through the thermosetting of the mold. FRP cross arms are widely used in overhead insulated wires to make various switches, arresters and other fixed crossbar switches.


Details Images

Width/Height/Thick  ness mmWeight g/m
50×50×41450with cap die
75×75×52800with cap die
100×100×53750with cap die
100×100×107060with cap die

1. The surface is made of polyester surface felt to improve the anti-aging property of the product; 

2. There is a polyurethane foaming agent in the tube to increase the strength of the cross arm and prevent rainwater penetration;  

3. The rectangular tube has plastic caps at both ends.

Our Advantages

Light weight. 

Good strength. 
Impact resistance. 
Excellent dielectric properties. 
Corrosion resistance 
Heat resistance

Solid / hollow cross arms


 foam filling

No polyurethane foam filling

Improve the rigidity of

the cross arm

Weaker hardness

Prevent plastic 


Easy to deform

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