The benefits of the FRP lighting tile as a roofing tile for the aquaculture industry


We all know that farms are relatively extensive and now more and more formal. In order to improve production efficiency, many equipments have matured, and the choice of roofing tiles has become an important part. So what are the benefits of choosing FRP lighting tiles as roofing tiles?

First of all, for the farm, for example, the roofing material of the pig farm needs to have good insulation performance, ensuring the temperature to ensure the healthy growth of the livestock and not easy to get sick.

In addition to thermal insulation, the lighting tile can also isolate noise. For example, when the rain falls, it can reduce the sound of raindrops. The rainwater can flow down the tile surface, and the dirt can be washed away with the rainwater. At the same time, the advantages of FRP lighting tile: good sound insulation effect, through the phoneme measurement test shows that in the impact of external noise such as heavy rain, hail, strong wind, FRP lighting tile can absorb noise or reduce noise. Avoid raising livestock because of noise and turmoil, and mutual attacks cause unnecessary losses. This type of fiberglass tile is currently used in most farms.

Everyone knows that a place like a farm has a large amount of excrement due to the inevitable breeding of livestock. Exhaust gas is produced in the form of waste gas, which is generally corrosive. If the selected roofing tile is of poor quality or is not corrosion-resistant, it will soon be corroded. Therefore, we recommend the use of lighting tiles not only the raw materials are green and the anti-corrosion performance is super strong, which greatly enhances the service life of roofing tiles.

The reason why the lighting tile can become the first choice for the livestock breeding industry is not only because of its thermal insulation, noise prevention, anti-corrosion and wear resistance, but also its own light texture, convenient installation, more importantly, the price is cheap, the cost is saved, it can be said that the price is reasonable. Extremely high.

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