Mechanical Equipment

The company has 10 FRP pultrusion production lines,1 the most advanced SMC sheet production lines in China,5 special hydraulic presses for SMC composite materials (100-3000 tons) and 2 RTM production lines.In addition,the company has a special chemical laboratory and physical laboratory,equipped with 100 T universal testing machine,Babbitt hardness tester,oxygen index tester,water content tester,viscometer and punch.Hit test machine and other high-precision production testing equipment.

As an innovative high-tech enterprise,Shengze Company,with its advanced market awareness and innovative spirit,upholds the business philosophy of excellence and enterprising,and in strict accordance with ISO 9001 and TS16949 quality management system,constantly adjusts and optimizes the industrial structure to provide new composite products with light weight,high strength and green environmental protection for the world.

Pultrusion Equipment——FRP Profile


Continuous forming Equipment——FRP Roof Sheet



SMC 30000Ton Hydraulic press——Molded Products


SMC Sheet Equipment——FRP Sheet


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