Roof Sheet — Production Details

Key Name: Roof sheet,daylighting sheet,skylights,corrugated sheet(-Panel)

Use: building(Shopping malls,factories,car shed,etc)


1. Weather resistant and Self-clean ability
2. Excellent yellowness resistance
3. Strong impact resistant and low bending rate
4. Withstand extreme temperature from -38 degree to +110 degree for a long time
5. Aging resistant: specified F4 film added on surface and gel coat makes it endurable for long.

Production Details

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1. The resin and various additives are injected into the mixing tank proportionally through the precise metering pump.

2. Mixed resin flows on the lower film of the dipping platform after being fully stirred in a stirring tank.

3. With the pulling force of the lower film moving forward, the thickness and width of the composite resin are obtained by scraper with limited thickness and width on the lower film.

4. At this time,the fibre felt is naturally bonded to resin through the felting guide axis,or the chopped fibers are dispersed by the spinning roll and evenly and naturally fall on the resin liquid surface.

5. After the resin is combined with chopped felt or chopped fibers,it will continue to move under traction.After the fibers are fully combined with the resin through the dipping preheating platform,the bubbles in the lower layer will be discharged.

6. Fully bonded composite resins and fibers continue to move through the extrusion shaft under the pulling force of the lower film.While passing through the extrusion shaft,the upper film and the lower film combine together to form a fiber-resin sandwich belt with upper and lower film protection.At the same time,through the extrusion shaft, the bubbles are discharged and the product thickness is limited.

7. The fiber-resin sandwich belt with upper and lower film protection,under the action of traction, continues to run to the bubble inspection platform.After manual inspection,the residual bubbles in the fiber-resin sandwich belt are discharged,and then enter the heating box.

8. The fibre resin sandwich is brought into the heating box area 8-9 meters (50-70 degrees Celsius) and pre-formed by the die.

9. then enter the constant temperature box two zone 8-12 meters (75-90 degrees Celsius),when the fiber resin sandwich with mold,gel,molding;

10. Then enter the three zones of the thermostat box,and the semi-cured sheet that has been formed can be fully cured.

11. At this time,the plate continues to move to the motion source of the equipment,the tractor,and passes through the counter for measuring the length.

12. Reach the trimming system after the tractor,so that the edge distance of the plate can be trimmed according to the requirement.

13. At last,it reaches the fixed length cutting system and automatically cuts the length according to the requirement.

14. The finished product is cut according to the preset length.


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